One-on-One Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutors

Call on our tutors to help with:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation
  • Private Bar/Bat Mitzvah service coordination
  • Torah & Haftarah chanting
  • Hebrew reading, writing & conversation
  • Hebrew School Catch-up
  • Special Needs instruction
  • Adult instruction

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HEBREW HELPERS provides in-home, one-on-one personalized instruction, not only matching students with tutors by location and skills, but also coordinating private Bar/Bat Mitzvah services for families that do not belong to a congregation.  The company has worked with Conservative, Progressive, Jewish Renewal and Reform congregations and has provided preparation for students having Orthodox & Conservative Bar Mitzvahs in Israel.  Founded by tutor Todd Shotz, Hebrew Helpers gives students a Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience that is both meaningful and fun.